IPA Africa is established to provide local service to clients in Africa, with a more personal approach. For our initial client, Malaria Consortium, IPA Africa has been undertaking the procurement agency function of all programmes implemented for over two years. Since 2012, we have started working as the procurement agent for DFID in Uganda, and supports procurement for DFID in Southern Sudan.

IPA Africa has also been working for Advance Aid, a UK based NGO setting up emergency stocks for World Vision in Nairobi, and we are setting up emergency stocks for CORDAID in Uganda.
Additionally, we are performing procurement services for the health and WASH projects of one of the largest multinationals operating in Equatorial Guinea.

Our key asset is a responsive, flexible and pragmatic approach and our capability to integrate in and/or cooperate with the client. Supported by our straightforward organisational structure and our short communication lines, we are able to provide the expected ability matching the required services.

The combination of local service and close cooperation with the international headquarters in the Netherlands provides a comprehensive solution, facilitating local coordination on the one hand, but availability of international services and standards on the other.





We act as procurement, supply chain and development aid consultants to projects and programs throughout Africa, competitively supplying qualified, well trained professionals on short, medium or long term basis. Procurement auditing is included in our advisory services.

The local representation in East Africa assists us in working very closely with local partners, which adds value to IPA clients in the region. Moreover, we are creating a large network of local procurement and supply chain specialists to enlarge our mother company’s network.

We bring together local and international experience in the technical field of any assignment and in project management. This is key to our consulting work. Our strong financial base enables us to execute large projects.



We are a registered supplier for all kinds of products to a variety of UN agencies and NGOs. IPA is also regularly contracted as a turn-key supplier by a growing number of clients who realize the tremendous benefits of reputable one-stop procurement, training and commissioning shop. This would typically involve construction projects, supply of security related supplies and WASH/WATSAN projects.

IPA Africa has developed into an expert on emergency supplies, specifically with a high content of regionally manufactured items from East Africa. Our supplier database lists excellent suppliers of high quality goods for the emergency sector.