Who We Are

IPA Africa provides professional procurement and supply chain services in Africa. The IPA Group established this African Office in March 2009 to meet the growing need for local, professional and high standard quality procurement services. Our focus is on sub-Saharan Africa and we are involved in procurement, supply, auditing and consultancy. IPA Africa works together with the IPA Group and other partners to fulfil the needs of its clients and has gathered significant experience in both local and international procurement and supply chain over the last three years.




Our Mission

IPA Africa’s mission is to improve procurement and supply chain practices on the continent by building capacity of its clients, employees, local partners as well as its suppliers. We aim to support developing nations by improving the procurement and supply processes by sourcing local procurement and combating corrupt practices through training, auditing, monitoring and evaluation.


IPA Core Business

IPA distinguishes three different areas of core business activities:

• We act as an independent procurement agent for and on behalf of third parties, taking over the buying portfolio of our principals, from needs assessment and specification writing until final delivery and commissioning of the goods. IPA ensures the client a transparent administration of all transactions and regularly reports in user-friendly, pre-agreed formats.
• We act as procurement and supply chain consultants to projects and programmes throughout the developing world, competitively supplying qualified, well trained professionals on short, medium or long-term basis. This is one of our fastest growing lines of business.
• We are a registered supplier for a number of special products to a variety of UN agencies and NGOs. IPA is also regularly contracted as a turn-key supplier by a growing number of principals who realise the tremendous benefits of a reputable, one-stop shop for procurement, logistics, installation and training.


IPA Africa – Local Representation

Local representation in East Africa helps IPA to work very closely with local clients and suppliers, which adds value to IPA’s clients in the region. In addition, we are creating a large network of local procurement and supply chain specialists to support the consulting side of IPA business and enlarge the mother company’s network. The vision of IPA Africa is to grow in the field of consulting and auditing services and to become the leader in sub-Saharan Africa.